Zobelein Family Dateline
This is a short historical record of events, listed by date, relevant to Zobelein family history.
(Note: this record is currently being created, and is therefore incomplete.)

John Graf, Sr. is born
August 12, 1845
George M. Zobelein is born
October 8, 1847
Brigida Alvarez is born
Mexican-American war in California ends with Treaty of Cahuenga
California formally ceded to the United States with the Treaty of Hidalgo
John Graf immigrates to the United States
George M. Zobelein's mother and father die
Los Angeles is incorporated as a city
John Graf moves to the Los Angeles area
John Graf buys his first parcel of land
Brigida moves to Los Angeles, California, at the age of 7
John Graf sells parcel for twice what he paid
John Graf starts aquiring land on south side of Los Angeles
John de Graff listed in the 1860 census
April 9, 1861
John Graf and Brigida Alvarez are married
August 27, 1866
Isabella Graf is born
George M. Zobelein serves in the war between Prussia and Bavaria
George M. Zobelein leaves Germany for the United States and arrives in San Francisco
George M. Zobelein works various jobs (waiter, bookstore delivery boy, clerk)
George M. Zobelein purchases and runs a grocery store in Los Angeles, CA
George M. Zobelein establishes a general store in Lone Pine, CA
November 27, 1869
John Graf, Jr. is born
George M. Zobelein sells his business to his clerk and moves to Los Angeles
August 12, 1870
John Graf, Sr. dies
October 5, 1870
George M. Zobelein marries Brigida Alvarez Graf
December 23, 1871
Mathilde Zobelein is born
Deadly earthquake in Inyo County
October 1873
Mathilde Zobelein dies
November 21, 1874
Mathilde "Lolla" Zobelein is born
Panamint mining camp develops in Inyo County, California
January 1875
George M. Zobelein establishes a general store in Panamint, CA
November 1875
George M. Zobelein closes his business in Panamint, CA
November 1875
George M. Zobelein and family move to Darwin, CA and run a general store
January 12, 1876
George M. Zobelein and family leave Darwin
January 22, 1876
George M. Zobelein and family arrive in Los Angeles
January 26, 1876
Edward Zobelein is born
George M. Zobelein is employed by the New York Brewery
May 26, 1877
George W. Zobelein is born
November 28, 1879
Rosa "Rose" Margarita is born
February 22, 1881
Philip A. Zobelein is born
George M. Zobelein is employed by the Philadelphia Brewery
George M. Zobelein becomes a partner with T. Mahlstedt (owner of Philadelphia Brewery)
October 1, 1882
Mahlstedt sells his half of the Philadelphia Brewery to Joseph Maier, creating Maier and Zobelein partnership
Maier and Zobelein form a corporation named Maier & Zobelein Brewery, with Maier as president
December 1886
Oil tank at the brewery catches on fire causing minor injuries to Maier, and minimal damage to the brewery
June 30, 1889
Opening of newly renovated Philadelphia (Maier & Zobelein) Brewery
April 17, 1895
Maier & Zobelein enter float in local parade
August 16, 1895
Landmark aliso (sycamore) tree on brewery property chopped down
October 1896
Oil is found and pumped on the Maier & Zobelein brewery property
October 7, 1897
Maier & Zobelein brewery employees decide not to join the brewers union
May 21, 1900
Maier & Zobelein baseball team beats Azusa
Fierce battle between Maier & Zobelein brewery and the Los Angeles Brewery over franchises in city saloons
August 3, 1901
Maier & Zobelein, and Los Angeles Brewery employees concede sign with union
Maier & Zobelein baseball team beats the Columbias
February 20, 1903
Mathilda "Lolla" Zobelein Viereck dies of tuberculosis
George M. Zobelein becomes president of Maier & Zobelein Brewery
Through 1908 George Zobelein begins to subdivide and sell various tracts of his Los Angeles real estate holdings
July 1905
Joseph Maier dies, and son Fred takes over the partnership
August 12, 1905
George M. Zobelein accuses the Maier sons of manipulating stock to try and gain control of the business
March 4, 1906
George M. Zobelein wins a lawsuit honoring the original partnership between Maier and Zobelein
June 12, 1907
George M. Zobelein sells his interest in Maier & Zobelein Brewery to Joseph Maier's son
1907 (Feb? June?)
George M. Zobelein buys the controlling stock and assumes control of the Los Angeles Brewing Company
July 24, 1907
Isabella Graf Zobelein dies
February 16, 1912
Brigida Alvarez Graf Zobelein dies
January 16, 1920
Prohibition begins
September 27, 1923
Edward Zobelein dies
April 7, 1933
Repeal of prohibition in California
early 1930's
Zobelein residence is moved to accomodate extension of Flower Street (a few years later the home is razed)
June 23, 1936
George M. Zobelein dies
Cans introduced in the brewery
John Graf Zobelein builds two apartment buildings (The Sable Arms) on the site of the old Zobelein residence
Pabst purchases Los Angeles Brewing Co for $14 million
A third building is added to The Sable Arms apartment complex
July 15, 1954
Rose Zobelein dies
October 2, 1965
John Graf Zobelein dies
July 28, 1968
George W. Zobelein dies
April 4, 1973
Philip A. Zobelein dies
The Sable Arms property is sold



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