Family History

The links on this page will take you to photos, documents and other information provided by various family members and friends.
Please contact Serena (see home page for details) if you have something to add.


From Bill Hamor
(misc. scans of photos & documents)

From Serena Zobelein Farrell
(misc. scans of photos & documents, some received from Elisa Zobelein Shambaugh)

From Elisa Zobelein Shambaugh
(misc. scans of photos)

From Giulii Zobelein
(misc. scans of photos and documents used for her book - see Zobelein Historical Document in other column)

From Barbara Rutner
(misc. scans of photos & documents)

Eastside Label copies
(sent to Serena from Bob, a collector from eBay)

Anscestors of George M. Zobelein
(provided by Giulii Zobelein)

Illustrated History of Los Angeles

Zobelein Historical Document
(compiled by Giulii Zobelein)

Zobelein Family Dateline
(list of historical events by date)



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