The links listed on this page will take you to websites related in some way to the Zobelein family.

The ZobeGlobe
(family website of Britten and Jennifer Zobelein)

Rusty Cans
(historical information about the Zobelein family and brewery)
(Maier & Zobelein brewery tray and related information)

West Adams Community Assn.
(reference to the Zobelein residence on Figueroa Street - it's the 13th photo)

Tavern Trove
(brewariana buyer site)

(quote from an LA Times article about a Maier & Zobelein brewery driver)

West Adams Heritage Association
(info and history about the neighborhood in which the Zobelein family used to reside)

SF Geneology
(reference to Edward Zobelein's membership with the Jonathan Club in 1907)

Humbolt County Biographies
(reference to the Zobelein's owning Humbolt Brewery)

Wikipedia - Kingdom of Bavaria
(short history of Bavaria)

USC website
(reference to the Zobelein estate on Flower Street)

Ellis Island Foundation
(Ellis Island ship/travel records)

Historic Bakersfield
(Bakersfield brewery history, including a reference to Maier & Zobelein brewery)
(reference to the Maier-Zobelein brewery)

Bruce Mobley beer bottle library
(reference to/pictures of LA Brewing beer bottles)

Bruce Mobley beer bottle library
(reference to/pictures of Maier & Zobelein beer bottles)

Southwest Los Angeles Blue Book, 1923-1924

The Cumnock School
(school yearbook photo of Virginia Zobelein)

Dillon Family History
(mention of Cecilia Zobelein who married a Dillon)

(reference to Mrs. Zobelein in Panamint)

CSU Pomona
(article about the Los Angeles River, including reference to Maier & Zobelein Brewery)

Venice, CA - Coney Island of The Pacific
(Venice, CA historical website which references a book which, according to the Index, contains a reference to George Zobelein as owner of the pier)


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